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This committee, known as the “Committee on Integration of Health Services” was set up in 1964 under the chairmanship of Dr. N Jungalwalla, the then Director of National Institute of Health Administration and Education (currently NIHFW). It was asked to look into various problems related to integration of health services, abolition of private practice by doctors in government services, and the service conditions of Doctors. The committee defined “integrated health services” as :

a. A service with a unified approach for all problems instead of a segmented approach for different problems.

b. Medical care and public health programmes should be put under charge of a single administrator at all levels of hierarchy.

Following steps were recommended for the integration at all levels of health organisation in the country:

  • Unified Cadre
  • Common Seniority
  • Recognition of extra qualifications
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Special pay for special work
  • Abolition of private practice by government doctors
  • Improvement in their service conditions

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