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This committee, known as the Health Survey & Development Committee, was appointed in 1943 with Sir Joseph Bhore as its Chairman. It laid emphasis on integration of curative and preventive medicine at all levels. It made comprehensive recommendations for remodeling of health services in India. The report, submitted in 1946, had some important recommendations like :-

1.Integration of preventive and curative services of all administrative levels.

2. Development of Primary Health Centres in 2 stages :

a. Short-term measure – one primary health centre as suggested for a population of 40,000. Each PHC was to be manned by 2 doctors, one nurse, four public healthnurses, four midwives, four trained dais, two sanitary inspectors, two health assistants, one pharmacist and fifteen other class IV employees. Secondary health centrewas also envisaged to provide support to PHC, and to coordinate and supervise their functioning.

b. A long-term programme (also called the 3 million plan) of setting up primary health units with 75 – bedded hospitals for each 10,000 to 20,000 population and secondary units with 650 – bedded hospital, again regionalised around district hospitals with 2500 beds.

3. Major changes in medical education which includes 3 - month training in preventive and social medicine to prepare “social physicians”.

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