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This committee was set up in 1974 as "Group on Medical Education and Support Manpower" to determine steps needed to

(i) reorient medical education in accordance with national needs & priorities and

(ii) develop a curriculum for health assistants who were to function as a link between medical officers and MPWs.

It recommended immediate action for :

1. Creation of bonds of paraprofessional and semiprofessional health workers from within the community itself.

2. Establishment of 3 cadres of health workers namely – multipurpose health workers and health assistants between the community level workers and doctors at PHC.

3. Development of a “Refferal Services Complex”

4. Establishment of a Medical and Health Education Commission for planning and implementing the reforms needed in health and medical education on the lines of University Grants Commission.

Acceptance of the recommendations of the Shrivastava Committee in 1977 led to the launching of the Rural Health Service.

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