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A mother is she who can take place of all others but whose place no one else can take. She can be educated or uneducated but she is the best guidelines in the world when you fail in your life. She understands all what you cannot say.

Mother’s day is observed on second Sunday of May every year.  This year we are celebrating this special day on 8th of May. Although you cannot pay your mother’s gratitude by doing anything but by celebrating this day we can remind us one more time that “She is special like no one”.

A mother can do so many sacrifices for family and her sacrifices are always taken for granted. Gradually she starts ignoring her health too. She raises her children and when they grow up they get busy in making their own career.

On this special occasion of mother’s day, make her feel special and pledge to take care her.  Make sure that she will get tested if she is in her 40s.

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